Having a Moc Chau like that...

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Having a Moc Chau like that...

In the heart of a lover shifting, always have a Moc Chau very nice, very gentle, very poetic, very know how seductive looks gentle soul by which pure ...
Có một Mộc Châu như thế...
Having a Moc Chau like that...
For those who love traveling, mentioning Moc Chau is mentioned Heart tea hills, Dai Yem waterfalls, Ang village pine forest, Son Moc Huong cave… In me, Moc Chau is immense forest green tea hills, the trees and grass savanna, the the spring, are children with big round eyes innocent gurgling, Moc Chau is a peaceful rustic peach branches in New Year and offers both white road plum blossom spring ...

With the " phuot thu" Highway 6 is a dream of road. The bikes roamed wandering, striking blue sky and green grass road is dotted red shirt, as passionate heart immersed in the romantic scene of northwestern mountains.

Pristine whiteness of plum blossom
I remember the first time last tryst was on a day in Moc Chau Tet, the sky is not agreeable person, fog covered the, what with freezing drizzle soaked into the skin ... At that time, I and the companion yet experienced, armed with the effervescence of youth, a backpack full of food, and warm clothing layers are not driven out the cold. Motorcycle moment blind through special layer White Rock passes, this car only see the tail the other we seem to have been very disappointed ... but the stubbornness of youth has inspired us to go to the end of the same street. And until the gorgeous curves of Moc Chau out front ... the roadside are plum body motionless, quiet, scrawny ... and flower plums - Oh the white plum blossom sky! Until now, the white plum forest moments in the magical fog lingered origins in my, because that's when I started to speak love to Moc Chau, and now love continues, such ...

The innocent children in the land of Moc Chau
I love the children here, love the way they spontaneously laughing on the homemade swing on the porch love how the kid sister take baby caress her children, love the way they come to us shyly, holding hands shyly ask little gifts cakes, love wide eyes, love tiny hands waving ... When you look at them, just see forget being complex, hustle of everyday life.

Moc Chau idyllic beauty in the roof in remote villages, which had a hard we can ride on the bumpy dirt road to get to, but what makes us get ready offs tired. Those are sticky backed into the rocks, is the peach plum stem lush greenery stand as sentinels of peace that is bearing woody kitchen smoke his throne, colorful costumes on clotheslines, pigs and chickens diligently nosing around yard ... picture would not lightly go through your mind, but remember every time, always feel the vibrations from the heart.

Moc Chau as a girl brought many attractive features, and one of the features of her femininity was flower shirts. Not only is the peach blossom spring sun warm, not just white plum flower shied table as clouds in fog, but also the improvement of flower fields, pure white flowers, green leaves rustic, spanning not found Last point, as the sky connects with no ripple. This white flower plates improved as has become the "brand", the distinctive stamp of Moc Chau, as the triangle circuit of Ha Giang beloved!


Dai Yem waterfall
Moc Chau girl loving mother nature gives "Dai Yem" very soft. Dai Yem waterfall (Nang waterfall, Ban Vat  waterfall) for us to feel the attraction through the waterfalls pouring down as deliberate, while boldly, as telling the story of the young themselves. Dai yem waterfall the most beautiful in April to September each year, by this time much water volume, as a whole cascade of white water curtain, just majestic, poetic medium. Seen from afar, like a waterfall "strip bibs" tepid connection between heaven and earth.

Ambled walk in the Ang village pine forest, immersed in the cool air, the fresh, the sun looked through the canopy of trees, listening to birdsong tingle ... the lake scenery as an immense love songs smooth, pour into slightly sweet heart, banish all thoughts, idly. I just wanted to make a little girl, playfully interrupt a wildflower branches set up hair, kick up singing a love song and lay down on the grass, watching the tall pine trees straight on, forever like that ...

The lake of Ang village
I love Moc Chau! And until the latter, when older, more travel, to places, to make sure I still Moc Chau for a corner in heart, because that's where a lot of passion awakened in my discovery, has pat and give me a lot of love and good memories. Having a Moc Chau like that  ... 

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