"cham cheo" in Moc Chau

Interestingly, while enjoying "cham cheo" in Moc Chau

 22:02 12/01/2014

Up Moc Chau or Northwestern this season, there is not much fruit, but there is an interesting side dish not to be missed: Cham Cheo ( green nhot cabbage rolls, dotted "cham cheo")
Enjoyable experience on Moc Chau Plateau

Enjoyable experience on Moc Chau Plateau

 21:12 14/11/2013

Creation Nature has bestowed this land privilege, which is the strip of fertile basalt with very harmonious climate. So four seasons in Moc Chau often associated with different flowers, perhaps so that visitors traveling Moc Chau is not based in the seasonal in year that based on flowering season . The beauty of nature where flowers are always fresh, unfamiliar.
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